I am an ecologist and conservation biologist, studying global environmental change and its effect on local-scale dynamics, from species interactions to coupled natural-human systems. How do species depend on other species? How do species buffer themselves from extinction? How do species additions and extinctions change the interaction scene? How do human systems and decisions affect ecological dynamics?

clare researchgate profileI examine these questions using an array of tools and methodologies. Much of my research focuses on mutualisms, or positive interactions between species, with particular emphasis on pollination and seed dispersal. Some of my research is narrowly focused on individual species and systems. Other projects take a broader view, linking interactions to overall biodiversity patterns and landscape-scale community dynamics. I am also working with collaborators to explore how abstract concepts such as resilience and adaptive capacity can be operationalized to boost the success of conservation management actions. My students explore these issues in connection to systems and applications of interest to them.

I am an Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Landscape Conservation Initiative at Northern Arizona University and a Senior Scientist with Conservation Science Partners. My current research takes place in Arizona, Hawaii, and California.